1988 Roosevelt Rocha started to work in the painting business as a helper for Becan Painting, doing preparation, caulk, sanding, rolling and brushing work on all face painting such as acrylic, alkyd and solvent base painting material. In 1989 he was considered as a professional painter doing all face of painting, including spray painting.

In 1991 he started to work for Beseco Painting as a staff supervisor doing interior and exterior new homes and buildings. He worked there until the year of 1994 when he started to build his own business as a CEO of Rocha`s Painting working as a subcontractor to Beseco Painting, doing all faces of paint. At this time, Rocha had 5 employees under his management.

Rocha started to grow up his business in 1995 as a subcontractor of Beseco Painting and Danys Day Painting, with 7 employees.  In 1996 Rocha become partner of Da Costa Services as a owner and managing for Broward New Construction Division, performing all faces of painting.

Rocha`s most biggest investment was in 1998, as owner of Royal Pride Painting, doing residential, commercial and new construction painting. From 1998 to 2010, it had 42 employees, but in 2010, the company suffered the impact of the financial crisis, just like the whole country.

In 2011, Rocha started again with the name RCR Services, doing the same quality service for new construction and repainting. Now, RCR Services grow up 15% a year.

With the growth and his entrepreneurial activity, Rocha never stopped investing in the best conditions to offer a quality work. Our company has a fleet of 5 trucks fully equipped for all faces of the painting. The company also has 3 Boom lyft of 80 ‘, 60’, 45’ feet and a scissor lyft.

We keep forward to work with the best companies in South Florida, such as Current Builders, Bluewater Builders, Itasca, Kaufman Lynn, Stuart & Shelby, Sarkela, JBP, Butters Construction, Berman, and others, making from a single family home, hotels, residential and high-rises commercial buildings.